I Want Your Input… It has been a little over ten months since I started Balancing Wanderlust. With our one-year blogiversary looming, I am planning to make a few changes to the site and I would love your input! I have set up a quick five question survey for you to take here: Reader Survey … Continue Reading

You Better Belize It! Belize was an adventure. The country was filled with amazing wildlife, diverse landscapes, and adrenaline pumping activities. Here are 19 of my favorite photos to inspire you to visit this country! During my ten days in Belize, I visited Burrell Boom, San Ignacio, Hopkins, and Caye Caulker. I effectively covered the … Continue Reading

Hopkins, Belize is a coastal town with one street and a thriving Garifuna culture. It’s sleepy, dusty, and has yet to be completely invaded by tourism. I visited Hopkin on my ten-day adventure around Belize. Staying in a small guest house on the main drag, I explored the area by foot and boat. My adventures … Continue Reading

If you adventure in the outdoors, travel, or just generally like trees, you are probably aware that the environment here on earth is not at its peak of health. As a group, we millennials are generally more concerned about the environment than previous generations. According to the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Shapers survey over 45% of us … Continue Reading

My heart is pounding, and I am covered in a layer of muddy sweat. I crawl on all fours and peer down a dark cavern. Tilting my headlamp, I see the outline of a tiny baby’s skeleton; its skull sporting a blunt hole. A Mayan sacrifice. Let’s Go Caving The mountains surrounding San Ignacio are … Continue Reading

I recently needed to update my work wardrobe. I had been wearing the same pants and cardigans for the last five years and threads were beginning to fray. But, I kept putting it off because I hate shopping for new clothes. Nothing ever fits and some of the trending styles these days are outright unflattering … Continue Reading

Adventure travel is amazing. From eating new cuisines to jumping off foreign cliffs, you are constantly pushing your personal boundaries. Here I will share with you, my top tips for adventuring smart and packing the right gear in order to create a comfortable, yet heart-pounding, trip. Adventure Smart Wake Up Early The early bird catches … Continue Reading

Welcome to our April 2017 monthly review! I hope you have all been busy welcoming spring by getting outside and exploring. I myself have gone on a few small hikes already and am itching to get up into the alpine. But, alas my local mountains still have snow-covered peaks. My fingers are crossed that within a … Continue Reading

I have a confession. I have never snorkeled in warm water. Shocking I know, as most people picture snorkeling exclusively as a warm water sport. You must be wondering then; if I have never snorkeled in warm water then where the heck I have snorkeled? Well, my first venture into the sport was in Iceland, … Continue Reading

Imagine yourself floating over the Carribean sea on a sailboat a rum punch in your hand and soft reggae music playing on the stereo. It’s the dream of every vacation goer. Relaxing by jade blue water, in a bikini, with a fruity drink. Welcome to Caye Caulker… Caye Caulker is an island about an hour’s boat … Continue Reading