Are you bored of sitting inside day after day? Are you looking to stretch your legs and mind after being in the office? Then follow the five steps below to start leading a more adventurous lifestyle!

 Step One: Get Outside

Get off the couch and get out of the house! I cannot stress this enough. Amazing adventures do not happen within four walls; they happen outside of them. Consider trying a new outdoor adventure like hiking, biking, kayaking, or camping. If you are new to an activity, I suggest joining a guided tour where you will receive some instruction and all the equipment needed to enjoy the activity safely.

Step Two: Eat Something New

Trying a new cuisine like Thai, Indian, or Japanese will expose you to new flavors and different cultures. Exploring new foods is one of the easiest ways to live a more adventurous lifestyle, as most cities will have some great varieties of cuisine on offer if you search a bit. If you are stuck on what to order at a new restaurant, ask your server for a suggestion. Tell them you are new to the cuisine and they can suggest some standard first timer favorites. For example, if you are trying Japanese for the first time order chicken teriyaki or if you are trying Indian for the first time order butter chicken with plain naan bread.

Step Three: Travel

Get out of your hometown! You do not have to travel far or spend a bucket load of money to travel. Simply, going to a neighboring city for the day counts as traveling. However, if it possible, I highly suggest leaving your home country and heading abroad to a country you have never been to before. Exposing yourself to a new culture and foreign surroundings, while scary at times, will expand your mind and open you up to new ideas.

Step Four: Join a Group

If you are new adventure seeker, joining a group is a great way to start and to meet others who are interested in your new hobby. Many areas have local outdoors groups, community learning classes, and public meet ups. Places to look for groups to join are your local outdoor gear store, community/recreation center, gym, local universities, libraries, and of course the internet.

Step Five: Read, Watch, or Listen to Something Inspirational

If you need the motivation to get out of the house read, watch, or listen to something that will inspire you. My go to TV shows are Departures and anything with Anthony Bourdain in it. For reading material, I love browsing through hiking guide books, reading travel blogs, and devouring novels with an adventure theme. Other sources of inspiration could be adventure or mountain film festivals, travel trade shows, and talking with friends or family who have traveled or done something adventurous recently.

Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to live a more adventurous lifestyle. Let me know what your next adventure is going to be by commenting below.

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