Adventure travel is amazing. From eating new cuisines to jumping off foreign cliffs, you are constantly pushing your personal boundaries.

Here I will share with you, my top tips for adventuring smart and packing the right gear in order to create a comfortable, yet heart-pounding, trip.

Adventure Smart

Wake Up Early

The early bird catches the worm, beats the crowds, and gets the best photos.

Waking up early is probably my number one tip. By getting up and out of bed you will beat traffic, find parking spots, and enjoy crowd-free attractions. You will also be able to take photos without having other travelers walk into your frame and you will have plenty of room to take those all important selfies.

Also if you are adventuring in nature (hiking, kayaking, etc.) mornings are a great time to spot wildlife and engage with local people.

Hire the Right Guides

Want to get your heart pumping with some snorkeling, hiking, or canoeing while on vacation? Then you are likely in the market for a guided tour. In order to have the best experience do not just hire the cheapest guide. Shop around and read online reviews. A good tour guide is worth their weight in gold.

I always suggest joining small group tours led by a local guide.


Wear Comfortable Clothes

Whether you are going to be on a plane all day or are heading out on an exhilarating trek, wear comfortable clothes. Choose fabrics that are breathable, soft, and wick away sweat. Nothing will kill your adventure buzz faster than an itchy t-shirt or underwear that need constant readjustment.

Dress in Layers

Layers, layers, and more layers. You can pile them on or you can rip them off. No matter how you wear them, layers are the key to the perfect travel wardrobe.

When you are packing make sure you bring:

A Base Layer

This layer is what will be worn against your skin. Ideally, it should be a wicking fabric that is light and dries quickly. Good fabrics to choose are Merino wool or polyester.

An Insulating Layer

This layer will help to keep you warm. Ideal choices would be fleece sweaters, down filled jackets, and warm leggings.

A Waterproof Layer

This layer will help to keep you dry in inclement weather. Best choices include Gortex shell jackets, rain ponchos, and long pants with a water resistant treatment.

Only Pack Half

When you are packing for your trip lay out all of the clothes you want to bring in small piles. One pile for t-shirts, one pile for pants, another for underwear…you get the idea. Now, remove half of the items in each pile. Yes, half. Don’t worry you won’t wear them and it will make your suitcase lighter.

By following these tips you will hopefully enjoy a comfortable adventure filled trip.

What adventures do you have planned for this year? Or do you have any adventure travel tips to share? Leave a comment below.

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