If you adventure in the outdoors, travel, or just generally like trees, you are probably aware that the environment here on Earth is not at its peak of health. As a group, we Millennials are generally more concerned about the environment than previous generations. According to the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Shapers survey over 45% of us listed climate change and the destruction of natural resources as our number one concern.

We strive to do our bit by recycling and composting. We even purchase carbon offsets for the global flights we embark on.

But, if you want to learn more? What if you want to be a super informed millennial? Really know the breadth of the issues and be able to converse intelligently about them? Then you need to have an environmental documentary marathon!

Here are five fantastic films to get you started.

Chasing Ice

Through stunning imagery, inspiring voice overs, and adrenaline pumping adventure, Chasing Ice tells the story of climate change around the world.

James Balog leads this passionate film and centers it on his Extreme Ice Survey. A multi-year study that utilizes time-lapse photography to document the changes in the world’s glaciers.

Those who love travel, adventure, and photography will fall head over heels with this documentary.

Learn more about Chasing Ice here

No Impact Man

Following the life of Colin Beavan, No Impact Man is the story of one man’s quest to live as environmentally friendly as possible in the middle of New York City. With his wife and young daughter in tow, Colin sets out to live without electricity and create no waste for an entire year.

While this may come across as crazy and totally unrealistic, Colin makes every step of his journey feel attainable.

Full of humor and great lifestyle tips, No Impact Man is the perfect film if you are looking to make changes in your daily life that can have a positive impact on our earth.

Learn more about No Impact Man here

The True Cost

Part social and part environmental documentary, The True Cost delves into the seedy underbelly of today’s cheap fashion. From grueling footage of factories in Bangladesh to footage of high fashion runways, this film contrasts the beauty of fashion with its reality in a heart-wrenching way.

This is a perfect film for anyone in the process of updating their wardrobe or anyone looking to source more ethical clothing.

Learn more about The True Cost here

Planet Earth

Explore the wonders of this planet we call home from the comfort of your living room.

Shot over five years, this series was the most expensive nature program ever commissioned by the BBC. It was also one of the first environmental documentaries to be filmed in high definition. And boy does this program hit the mark! The beautiful cinematography combined with David Attenborough’s knowledgeable voice is movie magic.

This program is perfect for late night bingeing or an impromptu home film festival with friends. Put out a veggie platter, grab some cold pressed juices, and you have yourself an instant environmentally friendly party!

Learn more about Planet Earth here

A Plastic Ocean

Hard hitting and stomach turning, A Plastic Ocean documents the environmental impact that plastics are having on our oceans. Showcasing different creatures and populations of people who are affected the most, this film hits it main message hard.

Not to be watched on a full stomach, this documentary will make a believer out of any recycling skeptic.

Learn more about A Plastic Ocean here.

What are your favorite environmental documentaries? And did you make any lifestyle changes after watching them? Let’s chat about it! Leave a comment below. 




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I haven’t sat down and watched a documentary in so long, thanks for sharing these!



No problem! My favorite is Chasing Ice…Start with that one 🙂



The information you shared in this blog is really interesting.


Thank, hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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