You have graduated university, sent out hundreds of resumes, interned, been on a handful of unsuccessful interviews, and finally, you get a job offer. This is a super exciting time in every #girlbosses career. However, your new job glow can quickly be replaced by panic when you realize you have nothing (besides your one interview outfit) to wear to work. Do not fear! I am going to share with you my five work wardrobe essentials that will take you from fetching coffee to presenting in the boardroom.

Black Sleeveless Sheath Dress

Dresses like this one are an absolute essential. They can be worn with heels, flats, cardigans, blazers, and a wide variety of accessories. They are also appropriate for days in the office but, are chic enough when worn with bare arms for evening work events. I personally recommend finding a dress that is made of a thick and stretchy material that does not wrinkle easily. Look for fabrics such as viscose, nylon, elastane, and spandex on the label. These fabrics make a super wearable dress that holds up to an active workday.

Black Pointy Toe Heels 

If you are going to buy a pair of heels make sure they are black and have a pointy toe. Shoes like this give any outfit an instant professional boost as well as elongate your frame. It is just amazing what a pointy toe can do!

I currently am in love with these shoes from Playless. Now, I know Payless is not known for great shoes, but, these ones are amazing. They are comfortable, have the right heel height, and they do not break the bank. I actually own two pairs of these because I am terrified they might stop selling them one day.

Dark Blazer

Every work wardrobe needs a blazer, and if you are just starting out make it a dark blazer. I am partial to dark grey blazers because they can be worn with any color; dark grey is the perfect neutral in my opinion. Like pointy toe shoes, it is amazing what a blazer can dress up. Wear your blazer with dark jeans for a more business casual look or pair it with a pencil skirt for the perfect conference outfit. I recently purchased this blazer from H&M and I love it.

Straight Legged Pants

Dark straight legged work pants are another wardrobe essential every girl needs. I personally love ones that are slightly cropped and made out of a stretchy fabric. This type of pant can be worn with any shoe and can be styled casually or not. They are flattering on tons of different body shapes and are comfortable to wear all day long.

Knit Sweater 

Finally, next to a black sleeveless sheath dress, a light tightly-woven knit sweater is my favorite piece of clothing to wear at work. A sweater like this paired with straight legged pants, a pair of black heels, and a long necklace is basically my work uniform. This look is professional, polished, and just effortless enough to be really chic.

Comment below; what are your work wardrobe essentials? And, do you have a go-to work uniform? 

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