She climbs mountains and the corporate ladder; she buys plane tickets and great books; she is learning how to kayak and how to bake.

She is balancing her wanderlust.

Balancing Wanderlust is a place for smart and adventurous women. We are your well-rounded destination for career advice, travel inspiration, lifestyle, outdoor recreation, and culture. Through uplifting stories, in-depth features, how-to guides, and conversational pieces we provoke women to lead full balanced lives.

We want our women to lead the way on a hike, present with passion in the boardroom, travel the world, and be happy curled up at home on a Friday night.


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About the Creator

Hi, I am Sarah the creator behind Balancing Wanderlust.

I have a passion for travel, outdoor adventures, baking, and my career. I have created Balancing Wanderlust to help others live a more inquisitive and adventurous lifestyle all while maintaining a full-time career.

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada I have always loved the outdoors. As a teenager, I began participating in adventures sports and fell in love with hiking, biking, and kayaking. However, it was a winter trip to Iceland in 2012 that really ignited my adventurous spirit. On this trip, I snorkeled, ate amazing food, and fell in love with Icelandic culture. This trip left me wanting more. More adventure, more incredible experiences, and more travel.

When I am at home I love to spend time in my kitchen whipping up beautiful cakes and taking my two dogs on long walks. I am also a massive bookworm and reading everything I can get my hands on. Finally, I am immensely passionate about my career and climbing the corporate jungle gym. And, while my career is still in its beginning stages I want to pass on what I learn to other budding girlbosses.

Join me as I explore the world.