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Hi, I am Sarah the creator behind Balancing Wanderlust.

I have a passion for travel, outdoor adventure activities, and writing lifestyle content. I have created Balancing Wanderlust to help others live a more inquisitive and adventurous lifestyle while maintaining a full-time career.

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada I have always loved the outdoors. As a teenager, I began participating in adventures sports and fell in love with hiking, biking, and kayaking. However, it was a winter trip to Iceland in 2012 that really ignited my adventurous spirit. On this trip, I snorkeled, ate amazing food, and fell in love with Icelandic culture. This trip left me wanting more. More adventure, more incredible experiences, and more travel.

Since this trip, I have made travel and outdoor adventures a priority. I have hiked up countless mountains, paddled around British Columbia, read life-changing books, and toured several more countries; all while maintaining a fulfilling nine to five career.

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How This Website Will Help You

If you have ever wanted to learn how to carve out more time for travel and adventure you have come to the right place. Through travel stories, suggested itineraries, lifestyle articles, and adventure guides I will show you how to tailor your ambitions around your career, to continually satisfy your wanderlust.

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This website is here to inspire you!

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