I recently needed to update my work wardrobe. I had been wearing the same pants and cardigans for the last five years and threads were beginning to fray. But, I kept putting it off because I hate shopping for new clothes. Nothing ever fits and some of the trending styles these days are outright unflattering … Continue Reading

I am a blogger (obviously!) but, I also have a nine to five career. My blog is not my full-time job and I cannot dedicate eight hours a day to it right now. However, I am working hard to growing my blogs following. One of the best ways to do this is to grow my social media … Continue Reading

In the past week, I have attended two conferences for work. One was in my home province of British Columbia, Canada and the second was in Alberta. I love attending conferences! I find them super motivating, engaging, and I always learn a ton. However, traveling for business, to conferences, workshops, or meetings, can take its … Continue Reading

Crap, I have to go and talk to strangers! Networking. The art of meeting new people, handing out your business cards, and shaking hands. Simple enough right? Not really. If you are like me and are a bit shy then the prospect of networking leaves you feeling queasy. However, networking is a necessary career skill. … Continue Reading

With Christmas holidays here and News Year’s Eve fast approaching many of you will be taking a break from work to relax and spend time with family. A lucky few of you might even be taking trips to warm sunny beaches to escape the cold weather. But, no matter your plans for the holidays all … Continue Reading

You have been dreaming of starting a blog for months. You have come up with an amazing name and can visualize what your website will look like and finally, the day arrives when you take the plunge. You sign up for hosting, register a domain name, install WordPress, and purchase a theme. Now you are … Continue Reading

The first critical step in planning your trip abroad is to book time off work. For this to be successful you must be smart about which dates you propose to your employer and you must present your boss with a clear plan for covering your workload during your absence. Follow my two step guide below … Continue Reading

Whether you are looking for a new job or are perusing your current employer’s human resources manual; be on the lookout for the following policies that could help you balance your wanderlust. Paid Vacation Days  First things first; find out what your maximum number of paid vacation days are. Many employers have a scale based … Continue Reading