I recently returned from an eye-opening trip to Cuba. During my travels around the island, I discovered the country’s warm community-based culture, its diverse landscapes, and its colonial cities. I ate the best chicken ever, visited farms, and made friends with locals. It is one of the best trips I have ever been on. And, … Continue Reading

Cuba is a diverse and endlessly interesting country. Filled will lush foliage, fertile soil, and energetic people, this island nation should be on the top of your travel list! So, in order to inspire you to visit Cuba, I have put together 21 of my favorite photos for your viewing pleasure. And, if you need a … Continue Reading

The late Fidel Castro, cigars, antique cars, tropical beaches, and Che Guevara are all images that come to mind when most people picture Cuba. But, Cuba is far more than Communism and cars. It is a country filled with warm people, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities. After my recent trip to this island nation, I … Continue Reading

 I loved traveling to Cuba. Waking up to roosters crowing, taking eye-opening photography tours, and experiencing old world architecture in a tropical paradise is hard to beat. The island nation, located in the Caribbean, is full of kind people, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and stunning landscapes. However, information on accommodation costs, meals costs, and the cost … Continue Reading

When I embarked on my trip to Cuba I knew absolutely no Spanish. I figured I would learn the language while I traveled through the country, from Vinales to Trinidad, and finally to Havana; getting by with a few smiles and friendly nods. While this theory worked in general, due mostly to the local people’s … Continue Reading

Stumbling over the uneven cobblestone, my camera plastered to my face, I snapped photo after photo in the early evening of the softly lit crumbling scene around me. On the six hour drive from Vinales to Trinidad, I read my new Lonely Planet Cuba guidebook. Leafing through the pages I learned about Trinidad’s history and … Continue Reading

Waking up on my second day in Viñales I was excited. Today I would be hiking through the valleys of Viñales with a hired guide to learn about agriculture production in the area and to have the opportunity to take stunning rural landscape photographs.  With my breakfast finished and my day bag packed I left … Continue Reading

The alarm clock I had set for 7:00 am was not necessary. From outside my wood shuttered window, two roosters were competing to see who had the best vocals. Crowing continuously, they woke me to a still dark 4:30 am. Good morning Viñales, I thought. This was my second morning in Viñales and like the … Continue Reading

With average Caribbean temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius throughout the year, Cuba is an easy destination to pack for. No need for bulky winter jackets and snow pants here! Saying that, however, it is easy to fill a suitcase to its bursting point with flowing dresses, cute hats, and every length of short out there. … Continue Reading

After months of online and print research, countless Spanish to English email translations, and one red eye flight, a passenger message blasted through the plane to inform us that we were making our final descent into Havana, Cuba. Landing smoothly on a patchwork runway, I leaned over my husband to get a peek out of … Continue Reading