Reykjavik is the mystical capital city of Iceland and is the perfect winter travel destination for adventurous tourists. With the main tourist season occurring in the warmer spring and summer months, traveling to Reykjavik in the winter brings short dark days, a less crowded city centre, thermal baths, and extreme cold weather sports. Here are … Continue Reading

Confession; I am a horse nut. I have been riding since I was eight years old and have been fascinated by Icelandic Horses for as long as I can remember. Therefore, when I was planning a trip to Iceland the first thing I did was book a sunrise horseback riding tour. The day of my … Continue Reading

A Tale of Food & Culture in Iceland When we walked into Laekjarbrekka, out of the freezing Icelandic cold, we were welcomed with warmth and flickering candle light. Our host showed us where we could stow our bulky winter jackets, as we were ushered into the tiny restaurant, and we were quickly seated at a … Continue Reading

Heading to Iceland? Make sure you check out the famous Golden Circle Tour! The Tour The Golden Circle Tour is a driving route that takes you to the best of Iceland’s diverse geological features within a day’s journey from Reykjavik. The route is popular and can be done as a self-guided (with a rental car) … Continue Reading

It was a with a feeling of disbelief, that I lifted my head out of the icy water, ever so slightly, and glanced around at the frozen landscape. The frigid surroundings combined with the snorkeling gear I was wearing just did not compute in my brain. When the average person pictures snorkeling they see turquoise … Continue Reading