I recently needed to update my work wardrobe. I had been wearing the same pants and cardigans for the last five years and threads were beginning to fray. But, I kept putting it off because I hate shopping for new clothes. Nothing ever fits and some of the trending styles these days are outright unflattering … Continue Reading

Adventure travel is amazing. From eating new cuisines to jumping off foreign cliffs, you are constantly pushing your personal boundaries. Here I will share with you, my top tips for adventuring smart and packing the right gear in order to create a comfortable, yet heart-pounding, trip. Adventure Smart Wake Up Early The early bird catches … Continue Reading

I have a confession. I have never snorkeled in warm water. Shocking I know, as most people picture snorkeling exclusively as a warm water sport. You must be wondering then; if I have never snorkeled in warm water then where the heck I have snorkeled? Well, my first venture into the sport was in Iceland, … Continue Reading

Imagine yourself floating over the Carribean sea on a sailboat a rum punch in your hand and soft reggae music playing on the stereo. It’s the dream of every vacation goer. Relaxing by jade blue water, in a bikini, with a fruity drink. Welcome to Caye Caulker Caye Caulker is an island about an hour’s boat … Continue Reading

I am a blogger (obviously!) but, I also have a nine to five career. My blog is not my full-time job and I cannot dedicate eight hours a day to it right now. However, I am working hard to grow my blogs following. One of the best ways to do this is to grow my social media … Continue Reading

The First Encounter I had been in Belize for less than 24 hours when I heard a loud deep pig squeal coming from the sky. What the heck is that? I thought. Wandering closer to the source of the sound I still could not figure out what was making it. As I approached the boundary … Continue Reading

I have just returned from an amazing adventure around Belize where I went caving, snorkeling, and fishing. My trip was exhilarating and at the same time relaxing. However, one small detail threatened to derail my entire trip. My luggage was lost, not once but twice! Losing my luggage was frustrating but, I managed to keep … Continue Reading

In the past week, I have attended two conferences for work. One was in my home province of British Columbia, Canada and the second was in Alberta. I love attending conferences! I find them super motivating, engaging, and I always learn a ton. However, traveling for business, to conferences, workshops, or meetings, can take its … Continue Reading

I recently returned from an eye-opening trip to Cuba. During my travels around the island, I discovered the country’s warm community-based culture, its diverse landscapes, and its colonial cities. I ate the best chicken ever, visited farms, and made friends with locals. It is one of the best trips I have ever been on. And, … Continue Reading

Once people find out that I love traveling they always ask “where do you want to travel to most?” Is it cheesy that I always want to answer this question with “the world”? It is such a tough question for me to answer because my mind changes constantly. If I watch an episode of Rick … Continue Reading